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Don Barrow - Free UK Postage.

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Don Barrow's website specializes in rally navigation equipment and accessories. Their offerings include:

  1. Map Magnifiers: Various models designed for precise map reading during rallies, such as the DB2 and DB9 rechargeable map magnifiers.

  2. Tripmeters: Devices for measuring distance and speed, including brands like Brantz and Terratrip, along with their accessories and sensors.

  3. Timekeeping: Stopwatches and timers specifically designed for rally use, including products from Fastime and Brantz.

  4. Rally Books and Training: Educational materials and guides for rally navigation and preparation.

  5. Cockpit and Pacenote Lighting: Specialized lighting for reading maps and pacenotes in the car.

  6. Communications Equipment: Radios and related accessories for effective communication during rallies.

  7. Navigators Apparel and Bits and Bobs: Clothing and miscellaneous tools for rally navigators, such as clipboards and pencil holders.

  8. Car Preparation: Components for preparing rally cars, including competition fittings, dash panels, lighting, and safety equipment.

Additionally, the site offers products from various well-known brands like Energizer, Motorola, Ordnance Survey, and Duracell

Don Barrow have kindly offered free UK postage to BpMCK members. To take advantage of this offer please visit their website at . Visit the shop and pick what you want, then add it to your cart. Open your cart and click 'Add Coupon' then enter 'BPMCK' followed by your Blackpalfrey membership number, for example BPMCK2. Then click on 'Shipping' and choose 'Free Shipping' (This option will only be available AFTER you enter your code into the 'Add Coupon' section). Fill out all other sections and pay.

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