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Marshals Required

Without Marshals we would be unable to run any motorsport events. The people that turn up to marshal are therefore central to the success of any event that we run. Marshals range from competitors who wish to put something back into the sport, to those that just enjoy motorsport but do not wish to take part as competitors.  If you want to go on to become a competitor, marshalling will give you a good understanding of how events are run, and how important marshals are to the running of events.

No experience is necessary, as we will make sure to pair you up with an experienced marshal, advise and guide you.  It is a great way to make a start in motorsport and meet up with likeminded people.

To volunteer to marshal please sign-on via the 'Volunteer to Marshal' button on the event page.

Liege Clocks

Marshals will be using 'Liege' clocks (CD200 Rally Timing System), so any marshals with previous experience of using these clocks will be very welcome.  If you haven't used them before, the following instructions and demos should help.

Regularity Start Clock Instructions

Intermediate Time Control Clock Instructions

Changing the Clock P No.

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